Genson to Sparkle: "I'm not your sweetie!"

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Sparkle.                                 Sweetie.

R&B singer Stephanie "Sparkle" Edwards clashed with defense lawyer Ed Genson this afternoon when Genson said Edwards was driven by revenge and money in identifying a relative of hers as the girl on the alleged R. Kelly sex tape.

At one point, Edwards and Genson were shouting at each other simultaneously and the singer called the 66-year-old lawyer "Sweetie."

"I am not your sweetie!" Genson shouted.

The exchange drew a stern rebuke from Judge Vincent Gaughan. "I don't want you talking at the same time. This is a court of law."

Edwards, who had a 1998 hit called "Be Careful" with Kelly, dabbed tears from her eyes with a tissue during direct examination by assistant state's attorney Shauna Boliker. But under a blistering cross-examination by Genson, she kept her composure.

Edwards took the stand at around 2:30, wearing large silver hoop earrings, with a small patch of glitter near her left eye. She told Boliker of receiving a phone call in December 2001 from a lawyer named "Buddy," who wanted her to view a videotape.

"There was this thing out there possibly depicting my [relative]," Edwards said.

The lawyer, who according to later testimony was named Buddy Meyers, sent an assistant to Sparkle's Chicago residence to show her the tape. The lawyer insisted that no one else be present, Edwards said.

After watching the tape, she determined the girl shown engaging in sex acts was her relative, and the man was Kelly, she said. Edwards said in February 2002 she saw the tape again with Sun-Times pop music critic Jim DeRogatis, who had been sent the tape anonymously.

She said her relative appeared to be 13 or 14 in the tape, which includes scenes of intercourse, oral sex, and a man alleged to be Kelly urinating on the girl.

"You know your blood. I mean, she's my [relative]. Her face, her hairdo. You just know your family," Edwards said.

Edwards recounted how Kelly had launched her singing career, writing and producing her million-selling first album. After that project, she broke from Kelly, and she never again achieved that level of success, she admitted.

When her working relationship with Kelly was still intact, she introduced him to her young relative. "He liked her spirit. She was a very jolly person at the time. Very personable. Very light. She was my heart," Edwards said.

Boliker showed Edwards photos of Kelly's former residence at 1010 W. George, where the sex tape was allegedly made. The photos included shots of a mural depicting a basketball game between R. Kelly and the Tasmanian Devil, with Michael Jordan as the referee. One shot was of a scoreboard that read, "R. Kelly versus Taz D."

Genson, on cross examination, pointed out that the cartoon images were from the movie "Space Jam," for which Kelly had provided music. He then began asking Edwards about "midnight missionaries" who sometimes came by Kelly's recording studio.

"Do you remember going to that church and praying for things like seduction and adultery?" Genson asked her.

Genson then got Edwards to talk about her break wth Kelly. She had wanted to work with other artists, "but that didn't go over well," she said.

"I asked to be released," she added, and then went to make a record for Motown. Edwards made that one record, and has not made any since, she said.

In spite of the end of their professional relationship, "He was my homeboy. We were still cool," Edwards said.

"You weren't angry you'd been terminated?" Genson asked, suggesting Sparkle was after more money.

"More money? I hadn't gotten any money. I haven't gotten any royalties yet," she said.

After breaking with Kelly, Edwards talked about doing a deal with Barry Hankerson, a record producer who also had a record label, Blackground.

"Was part of the deal you were talking about doing something bad to Robert?" Genson asked.

"No," Edwards said.

But Sparkle admitted she was the one who got her young relative to start calling Kelly "Godfather."

"Robert and I would play around, because he loved the Godfather movie. And he would do the whole thing with the ball in his jaw," Edwards said. "She just kind of took to him as a father figure."

Genson pointed to Edwards' 2002 grand jury testimony, in which she said she never saw signs of a physical relationship between Kelly and her young relative. But on Thursday afternoon, Edwards said, "I saw little things, but nothing crazy."

"Did you say you saw little things at the grand jury?" Genson said.

Prosecutors objected, saying the question had been asked and answered. Gaughan overruled them, saying, "It changes each time. If it was asked and answered, I'd put an end to it."

The tension mounted as Genson asked if Edwards knew the tape was being sold all around Oak Park, the suburb where the family was based.

"You don't know if someone put together a tape, put together a tape of old footage," Genson said.

"Sir, it's Robert [Kelly] and [the alleged victim] on that tape," Edwards said.

"You don't like Robert!" Genson said.

"I know my family," Sparkle retorted.

Genson then asked if Edwards truly believed it was her relative on the tape, taking money for sex.

"Just like he made her do ... She's a robot on this tape," Edwards said.

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First of all it is sad that they are using the defense that it is not Kelly. When they should look at the fact that they can not prove that the tape was ever in Kelly's possession. Someone gave it to the newspaper. Second of all I think that since they did not get it from his residence personally, then how can they charge him with possession of child porn. Anyone (specifically a jelous person) could have set up that tape to scheme him.

R. Kelly is guilty and he is a pedophile. It is him and the under age girl on the tape. Nobody is trying to frame him. Why are black women so easily disillusioned by him? Not only did he take advantage of the girl on the tape but don’t forget his past. He’s had several other civil suits that he settled by paying the victims and don’t forget about his first victim (that we know of) Aliyah. When her parents found out that he convinced her to marry him they yanked her right out of his control. I pray that the jury finds him guilty and that he serves time and gets help because he truly has a problem.

This case is nothing but a mess. It is ridiculing the entire court of law with all the jokes and the laughing and what not. This is a serious matter and all jokes need to be put aside so that the truth can come out.It is very obvious to me that there may be some tension between Sparkle and Robert because of her not getting paid. I always thought it was funny that right after her dissed her this taped surfaced. I wouldn't be surprised if she made the tape herself. Simply because she knew of his past activities and she wanted to see him go down. And still do. Broke Heffa.

Sparkle makes it so obvious that she is upset about her break with R kelly. That is hella funny that the tape did come out right when her career hit the ground.Its her own fault that she has become this broke bitter person, She wanted to step out when she already had the best on her team. When she realized she could not have a successful career without him like she wanted a tape appears of him in it with a young girl that just so happen to be her relative.Come on you can smell the game a mile away. Sparkle step ya game up and except that your career is over due to you trying to step out on the one and only man that made your little short time career what it was. Also if your concern was your relative you would have contacted the police while you were viewing the tape not after you come up with a major money making plan...........

Let the man go and order him to get psychiatric help for the next year. The man obviously has something hideous going on from his childhood. I read somewhere that he may have been molested as a child by a man from the neighborhood. This could very well be where his promiscuity is coming from, especially if he never recovered from this. He did not have a father. In one of his songs he coos, how the women use to turn him away as a child, which is a sign of rejection, and many children do not understand rejection and many of them don't know how to deal with rejection. People who experience some of the things that he has experienced don't know how to use and respect the power that he has. Maybe they should order him to take some time off and get help. He does not need jail, he needs a good psychiatrist. This is where he should have went in the first place, instead of wasting his money on that dumb @$$ law team.

Everyone just needs to let the justice system handle there stuff. If you guilty you guilty whether you are R. Kelly or Teddy Pendergrass so if he wrong, he wrong. Just because he made a few #1 album's does not give him the right to think he can do something like this and get away with, if that's the case then they need to let some of the other folks who was messing with 16 or 17 years old because the were bambozzled about their bout that....wrong is wrong and in this case Mr. Kelly has to face facts, he got caught up....

Let justice be done. Not only does Robert Kelly need help as far as counseling, I believe in my heart the parents and relative of the young child at that time needs to counseling as well as to be punished as well. You don't sell your child short for sex or any wrong doing. Stop wasting the people tax money and lock all of them up (Sparkle, the parents of this child as well as Robert). There's a lot of bitterness but seem as though someone is still getting paid. Stop the jokes and laughter, the child now is an adult let her move on with her life. From watching the tape this was not just a little girl having intercourse, this was an child who was already in the adulthood with experience prior to R. Kelly, LOL

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