Fifth and sixth jurors could be confirmed soon.

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Seven more potential jurors got the boot this morning. They included a man in his 40s who twice hesitated when asked if he could give Kelly a fair trial, a(nother) man who raised questions about the legal age of consent, a cancer specialist responsible for the treatment of hundreds of patients and an Asian cook who speaks next to no English.

Both the prosecution and the defense have now used three of their seven "strikes," which they can use to excuse jurors they don't like. The judge has kicked out another 20.

But two potential jurors look like they could yet become the fifth and sixth selected jurors.

One, a white man in his 40s, wearing glasses, said he was an early riser who reads the Sun-Times only "if it's there in the cafeteria." (Thanks!)

He said he'd previously served on two civil juries at the Daley Center. Asked if he could give the state a fair trial, he turned to the two assistant state's attorneys and asked "Them two?"

Defense attorney Ed Genson said he was looking to include this juror, and the state said they had no problem with him, but he has yet to be formally admitted.

The second is a compliance officer with a downtown investment firm, in his mid-30s, wearing a goatee beard. He had an "Impeach Bush" button on his book bag and said he knew a gay judge and a gay state's attorney, who'd he'd met at a Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual conference.

He was beaten badly on the night the White Sox won the World Series but he told Judge Gaughan he didn't know if the attack was a hate crime. Asked whether he or anyone he knew had been sexually abused as a child, he replied "yes" but did not give any more details.

He said he'd "hold myself to a very high standard," and that he could give Kelly a fair trial.

We should learn whether both men have been admitted to the jury in the next hour or two.

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