Doughnut-gate rocks Kelly trial

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It seems the excessive nerviness that marked Friday's court session, when over-exuberant sheriff's deputies accidentally locked reporters out of court during the day's key moments and confiscated a courtroom artist's sudoko puzzle, is not completely behind us.

Radio DJ Steve Dahl sent his associate producer, Brendan Greeley, down to the courthouse today with a couple of dozen doughnuts to thank the deputies for all their hard work on the trial.

"There was a good selection: glazed, chocolate, powdered, cinnamon," Greeley said. But it seems the gift was not gratefully received.

As Greeley was offering the doughnuts out, a deputy sternly informed him that he was "distracting the deputies from their duties," and that his credentials to cover the trial would be removed if he pulled another stunt like this.

"It was just meant to be a friendly gesture," said a wounded Greeley.

Cops who don't want doughnuts? Whatever next?

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