Dastardly Tribune already hassling Kelly trial jurors

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The Chicago Tribune has already had one reporter temporarily banned from the Kelly courtroom for violating Judge Gaughan's extensive decorum orders.

Now, it seems, our so-called rival has gone a step further, phoning a juror at least three times since he was selected.

Judge Gaughan called Trib reporter Stacy St. Clair before the bench this afternoon to explain the intrusion.

"It wasn't me!," she protested, adopting a stance Gaughan must have seen thousands of times during his distinguished career.

The whole thing seems to have been a big misunderstanding. The calls were just routine marketing cold calls by the Trib's circulation department, although you'd think they'd get the message that the juror didn't want to subscribe after he hung up a second time.

Worse still, the juror "is on the federal no-call list," Gaughan noted.

Tut tut.

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