Another coach IDs alleged victim

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The alleged victim's high school basketball coach identified her as the girl on the tape at the center of the case this morning.

Jacques Conway, a retired Oak Park Police Sergeant, and an ordained United Methodist pastor, was the final state's witness for the day. As a police officer, he was attached to Oak Park River High School as a "resource officer," he said, adding that he also coached basketball at the school

Conway testified that he had bought a DVD copy of the infamous sex tape near the intersection of Madison and Pulaski in Oak Park and had inventoried it as evidence.

He said he had watched the tape and had identified the alleged victim by "her facial features, her size and the cross she was wearing," estimating she was 14 or 15 years old in the tape.

Under cross-examination by defense attorney Sam Adam Jr., Conway said he had met the alleged victim's mother in the 1980s, when she worked in a dry cleaning store where he took his police uniform.

He said he had watched the alleged victim play basketball for her middle school, Emerson, while scouting for freshman talent, but added he had never broken rules by approaching the girl or her parents about attending Oak Park River Forest.

Asked by Adam whether the alleged victim was "as sweet and nice a person as can be," he replied, "at times."

Conway then read a note that the alleged victim had given him.

The note read, "Thanks for being an awesome coach and putting up with my attitude. The season was short and sweet. I have always come to your office for help because I know you side with me, anyway."

Conway said he had not seen any signs that the girl had been molested.

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Okay, what's the "yeah, it's her/him" count up to? How many times can a person be identified before we all agree it's that person?

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