Alleged victim's best friend testifies against Kelly

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The alleged victim's best friend, Simha Jamison, took the stand this morning, identifying both R. Kelly and the alleged victim as being on the tape.

Wearing a black vest and white short, Jamison, now 24, testified that she and the alleged victim had hung out with Kelly "dozens of times" with he played basketball and recorded tracks at his studio.

The alleged victim had introduced her to Kelly when they were both 12, saying Kelly was her "godfather," Jamison said.

She'd seen Kelly hand the alleged victim cash many times. Kelly handed over between $100 and $500 on each occasion, and Jamison and the alleged victim would then go shopping, she said.

Jamison said the pair were best friends and that they spent "every day" together, playing basketball and hanging out. They played on a summer basketball team together.

The alleged victim's parents would drive Jamison and the alleged victim to "Hoops" the near West Side gym were Kelly and his pals played basketball, and also to "Trax," a recording studio downtown, she said.

The girls would watch Kelly record, and sometimes the alleged victim stayed late, Jamison said.

Jamison said she'd been with the alleged victim to Kelly's former house on the North Side. Shown photos of the room where prosecutors allege Kelly filmed the sex tape, she identified it as his "sauna room."

She said she had seen the tape in February 2002 at a friend's house in Oak Park. She said she recognised the alleged victim because "I know her like the back of my hand," adding that she recognized the alleged victim's hairstyle on the tape.

"We got our hair cut the same way together," she said, "It was a mullet - short at the top and long at the back."

The alleged victim would have been "13 or 14" at the time the tape was made, she said.

Asked to identify Kelly in court, she pointed out his "corn rows" and "tan suit."

She said she had last seen the alleged victim six years ago, in passing, at a downtown store.

Jamison's legal guardian, Peter Thomas, also testified that he could identify the alleged victim on the tape, estimating her age to be "15 or 16". Thomas called police in March 2002 to tell them that he believed he could identify the girl on the tape, based on what Jamison had told him about it. He later identified the alleged victim from a still photo taken from the tape, which police showed him.

Defense attorney Ed Genson suggested that Thomas had identified the girl in the police picture based on rumors swirling around Oak Park at the time. But Thomas, who was shown the tape for the first time this morning, said, "The picture I saw was of (the alleged victim)."

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I think that the friend could have been a little envious of her friends relationship with a superstar. She would love to have been the girl in the video. The way she was describing the gifts and the relationship it sound like hating to me. People have to understand if the mole aint on his back he ain't the one hitting that.

That is a shame that you would think that this girl could have been envious because she did not take part in a disgusting, sick, and perverted sexual act or acts!!! Being the pig that R. Kelly appears to be I'm pretty sure that if the ex-best friend wanted to take part in such a despicable sex act he would have gladly included her!!!! It's really sad that this girl is being judged when all she's trying to do is HELP put SEXUAL PREDATORS behind bars where they belong.

I agree, I think the friend was probably jealous of her friends relationship with Kelly, she probably wanted to be her.

This is a perfect example of friends wanting what the other friend has...To me she sounds like she would have not said anything if she was the one in the tape. It sounds like she wanted someone to recognize that she knew the people in the tape. Then for her to say that she saw the friend in passing 6-years-ago, that doesn't sound like a friend. I haven't seen my friends in forever, but if we'd seen each other on the street we would be so excited. What kind of friend does that sound like to you???

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