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Levine: I paid bribes to Vrdolyak

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Stuart Levine, the prosecution's star witness in the corruption trial of businessman and political fund-raiser Tony Rezko, took the witness stand at 4:12 p.m.

Early in his testimony, Levine began detailing how he paid bribes to help companies obtain government contracts. Among those he paid was former Ald. Edward Vrdolyak, he testified.

Levine said it was his understanding that the bribe money would be passed by Vrdolyak to others.

More to come as details are available.

Obama watcher shows up at Rezko trial

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U.S. Sen. Barack Obama has someone attending the Tony Rezko trial.

A woman sitting in on jury selection was identified as attending court "for Obama," when a courtroom security officer asked all the people in an overflow courtroom to identify their organizations.

Rumor: Obama to be called as witness

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Just minutes into the Tony Rezko trial this morning, the first rumor hit — that Rezko's lawyers plan to call U.S. Sen. Barack Obama as a witness. Not true, said Rezko's lawyers, dismissing the idea. Rezko was a campaign fund-raiser for Obama during his successful 2004 run for the U.S. Senate.

Rezko witness list includes Hollywood producer

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As jury selection got underway this morning, a federal judge for the first time revealed the list of people expected to testify at the trial of businessman and political fund-raiser Tony Rezko.

U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve quickly read from the list, which appeared to lack any political bombshells.
Included was Thomas Rosenberg, a Hollywood producer allegedly shaken down for a political contribution as he sought state business.

Rezko appeared somewhat relaxed in court this morning. He smiled wide, whispered and at times chuckled at friends and family sitting in courtroom benches behind him.

Jury selection begins today

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As I reported in today's Sun-Times, Tony Rezko' is getting his day in court, as jury selection begins.

Tony Rezko's trial may stain Gov. Blagojevich and, to a smaller degree, Barack Obama. (AP photo)

Key an eye right here for regular trial updates on the Sun-Times' newest blog.

Natasha Korecki

Natasha Korecki is the Federal Courts Reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times, covering federal news, corruption investigations and trials.

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