Rezko sentencing off again

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Tony Rezko may have seen the train leaving without him and wanted to jump back on.
His sentencing is off again as it appears the businessman is talking again with authorities about alleged misconduct under Gov. Blagojevich's administration.
The back and forth concerning Rezko's sentencing happened as Rezko grew tired of being locked up in solitary confinement. Rezko demanded to be sentenced immediately even though he hadn't yet signed on to a cooperation agreement with the government.

But he apparently reconsidered following last week's revelation that Gov. Blagojevich was recorded for six weeks and that a member of his inner circle, John Wyma, was also talking to the feds. There is no future sentencing date set and there is no status in Rezko's case until next year.

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I hope he is talking like there is no tomorrow..Keep talking dude....put lots of nails in their coffins

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