Rezko loses bid for new trial

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Federal Judge Amy St. Eve has denied Tony Rezko's plea for an acquittal or new trial.
She set the next hearing in his case for January.

Read it here: rezkodenial.pdf

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Federal Judge Amy St. Eve has uggs outletdenied Tony Rezko's plea for an acquittal or new trial.
She set the next hearing in his case for January.

I feel if Rezko tells the truth and testifies against any crooket Pols.,I would'nt have A problem with him getting full amnesty.
We have to put A stop to Pols. fleecing us for their own gain.

I'm glad that Tony Rezko was denied a new trial. People shouldn't be able to BUY freedom. There's far too much of that already. Is everyone equal in the eyes of the law, or are rich people a little more equal than the rest of us?

Tony Rezko needs to tell everything he knows and talk fast. Prosecutors may be running out of patience. He needs to understand how much time he's going to do if he doesn't talk.

[I'm a great-granddaughter of Roswell B. Mason, who was mayor of Chicago when it burned down. (My grandfather on my mother's side was George Carrington Mason, the nerdy son who was turned down at Yale's Skull & Bones and left Yale in disgrace to go to MIT.)]

"Burn Burn Burn Burn Burn" It's getting hot. I can't wait until the heat reaches the Gov.!!!!!

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