Rezko's lawyers want verdict thrown out

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Lawyers for political fund-raiser Tony Rezko are asking a federal judge to throw out his conviction, saying his case relied too heavily on an unreliable witness.
In a 25-page motion filed Friday in federal court, defense attorneys also said prosecutors never showed Rezko had an interest in a key kickback scheme at issue in his case and failed to prove a mailing happened in one of the mail fraud counts.
Rezko, 53, of Wilmette was convicted in June of widespread corruption tied to state deals. He is a former top adviser and fund-raiser to Gov. Blagojevich and a fund-raiser to Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama.
Central to Rezko's trial was testimony from cooperator Stuart Levine, who sat on two state boards and said he held a corrupt relationship with Rezko. Defense lawyers say Levine can't be believed because his own crimes and substantial drug use motivated him to lie.
"The court should order a new trial on the ground that the record in this case, polluted as it is by the inherently unreliable testimony of Levine, leaves such a strong doubt as to Rezko's guilt that it would be a miscarriage of justice to let the verdict stand," wrote one of Rezko's lawyer, Mariah Moran.
Rezko is scheduled for sentencing Oct. 28.

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It's just a smoke screen, because Rezko actually wasn't convicted on any of the Levine testimony, for the fact that he is singing like a bird to the Feds. Good bye Kjellander, Cellini, Kelly and Hurtgen. Maybe instead of the X-mas card indictments you recieved last year you can get soap on a rope from Fitzy. With the Hurtgen and Kelly trials approaching this is bad for Gov Blago and bad for Hurtgen/Kelly.

Who cares if he helped Obama buy his house? Who helped you buy yours? Quit attepmting to drag a man down by who he is so called associated with. And that is not as significant as the Billions we are shelling out weekly for a war nobody still knows why we are fighting. Obama's letters didn't get him the money his BIDS got him the money. They didn't have to read any of them and just said no but that was not the case. Because this is the Rezko blog and that is why they are calling REZKO. There were no others on trial so it should not be that hard to comprehend!

Don't worry Rezko Obama will pardon you if he's elected.Or make a deal with the Prosecutor and inform him of all your Obama crooked deals you made

He should be patient if Obama wins maybe he'll get a pardon. Maybe Obama will get on with his life and forget Rezko.

Why do you just call Rezko -

"He is a former top adviser and fund-raiser to Gov. Blagojevich and a fund-raiser to Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama."

Why don't you mention that he helped Obama buy a house? That is more significant than fund raising. Obama has thousands of fund raisers. I wouldn't call being connected to a slimy fund raiser bad, it just happens. But for Obama to ask the guy who was bribing all the politicians for help buying a house and then writing letters in support of Rezko’s development project which the government gave him 14 million ($800,000 in development fees that went to Rezko)…now that is significant!

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