Rezko: Prosecutors hush on talks

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In 37 pages, U.S. prosecutors on Monday gave a federal judge numerous reasons why Tony Rezko's guilty verdict should stay intact.
Nowhere did they acknowledge that Rezko has been sitting at the table with them.
The court filing comes as a legal answer to a request by Rezko's lawyers to throw out the jury's verdict, or order a new trial -- a pretty standard request. Rezko's lawyers said the case relied too heavily on a shaky witness, Stuart Levine. But prosecutors pointed to secret recordings and the testimony of numerous additional witnesses as corroborative evidence.
Even as publicity increases over Rezko's possible cooperation, the filing illustrates that, for now, Rezko's post-trial issues, including his Oct. 28 sentencing, remain on track regardless of his recent conversations with the prosecution.
Last month, the Sun-Times reported the possibility that Rezko was meeting with the feds. This weekend, sources close to the investigation confirmed to the Sun-Times that Rezko is in the midst of intense talks with prosecutors.

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