Is Tony Rezko cooperating?

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Is Rezko working with the feds?

As his sentencing nears, speculation that political fund-raiser Tony Rezko may be cooperating with the feds is running rampant through the federal courthouse -- and in political circles.

Sources tell the Chicago Sun-Times that Rezko has been seen at the federal courthouse as many as a dozen times since his June conviction. And one source says he's been inside the U.S. Attorney's Office twice. He's been held since then at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Chicago.

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Rezko will blow the whistle on his chronies in Illinois including Barrack Obama, Blagovich, and the other Democrats who have put us in this mess in Illinois. Most criminals find the truth when they face major jail time then they become so sorry for what they've done. The media needs to scrutinize Obama and take the gloves off and shows some impartial coverage instead of being Obama Zombies. He always talks about Change. Let's Change Illinois First.

ObaMarx is going down if Rezko sings.

Mr. Rezko could easily be bailed out by the GOP, who can then use him as a political puppet. Thats what I would hope for if I were him.


Feel the love, I hope the results are as
good as the speculation, if not there will
be a lot of sore whiners out there.

Rezko is not some big fall guy, hes just some crook who happened to know people, u people lookin way to deep into this.


Rezko is the Fall guy for them all, from obama the whole way down.

What Rezko does depends on if he took the fall or was given it unknowningly.

Since Obama Insist he is for Cleaning up Government Rezko should Oblige him.

obama was instrumental in passing legislation reducing the health facilities planning board from 9 to 5 members which allowed for the suart levine and blago drew too dictate what gets passed. what doesnt....

I'm a liberal, but, honestly, Obama makes every prior politician look like a SAINT. What's most disgusting is the main stream media refusing to present an honest reveal on this guy; I'm assuming it's because they're afraid THEY will be accused of racism. However, corruption sees no color and the height of RACISM is censoring truth BASED ON THE COLOR OF SOMEONE'S SKIN...any color. This is what is being inflicted on the American people today in this election - the ultimate CON. It will eventually implode - it might be when Obama's in the White House - but it WILL implode. A smart news organization will stop the charade and present all the facts NOW, before they look inept or complicit later...when the downfall begins.

Could he dish some dirt on Obama?

I hope he tells all before the November election.

does this explain the BIG HUG? with DALEY, JESSIE, JR. BLAGO?

He's cooperating. And I hope the Feds don't give him a sweet deal. He's a scumbag & so is Rod B.

He's cooperating, his best chance at a release is if Obama wins the election and even if that happens Obama is not going to pardon him until the end of his term which could be 8 years. It will also be difficult for the Chicago Combine to take care of Rita and the kids with Patrick Fitzgerald watching.....and he is. Rezko has everything to gain by talking and nothing to loose.

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