"We cannot decide on one count."

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The note from jurors yesterday said they couldn't decide on one count.

Does that mean the Tony Rezko jury cannot decide on JUST one count?
Or does that mean the jury cannot decide on ANY one count?

These are the kinds of things reporters are mulling over as we eagerly await word from the jury today. Many reporters have set up camp in the hallway on the 12th floor, near the courtroom.
Most of us assumed it meant they were deadlocked on just one count and they'd be back in early this morning with a verdict.

But with 15 minutes before their quitting time, we haven't heard a peep.

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That is a stunner. A sickening stunner.

Wait a minute. Are these the same jurors that said last week they hoped to have things wrapped up by last Thursday? If it is that they are hung on all counts, what happened there? If that's the way it goes I'm beginning to smell some Chicago Combine cooking, Papa Tony's Pizza Parlor perhaps?

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