Tony Rezko: Money troubles don't end

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In bankruptcy court this morning, one of Tony Rezko's lawyers, Howard Adelman, said he would seek to dismiss claims for millions of dollars brought against Rezko by former friend Semir Sirazi.

Sirazi, who testified at Rezko's trial, said Rezko violated a consent agreement in which Rezko allegedly promised to repay millions of dollars in indebtedness. Adelman said he'd be filing papers to dismiss the case later this month.

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Rezko should have the decency to come clean on everything he knows to Fitzgerald now. What a disgrace to come to this country and steal from us like this. This man has no dignity. Can't even pay up to someone who supported him. What a selfish, selfish man.

I doubt Rezko has money troubles. The people who have the money troubles are the creditors who can't find where he stashed the money.

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