They're gone for the day

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Jury has adjourned for the day -- Amy St. Eve's chambers report.
Their note was just a tease, it turns out.

Perhaps they wanted to sleep on it.
But it's pretty fair to predict it could come early tomorrow morning.

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Deadlocked on just one count? Seems like this would be the type of jury that would just flip a coin. Couldn't stay late today
to make up for blowing off their promise to stay until 5:50pm for two days last week? Do the trains in Chicago stop running after
6pm? Seems like when I lived in Chicago, the trains ran all night. Whappidy,whappidy,whappidy the L would go. Trains going out to the suburbs. Transit everywhere. Is the tie a sign from Axelrod? Draaaagggggg it outttttt.

If that note was really a tease then I guess they reached a verdict on everything. And if that turns out to be true and they want to come back tomorrow for a last reunion, these people must really have enjoyed this service. I can't imagine they were loving the pay check. I wonder if the Judge thought that note was funny or not. Bet Tony didn't think it funny.

Kind of crazy that everyone is waiting on just one of the 24 counts. I think they should release the verdict.

Well here it is 10 am on the East Coast and hoping they are very busy with that verdict form.

Question: If the jury is deadlocked on ONE count, will that cause a mistrial?

What does partial verdict mean exactly? Does it mean they can retry on one count?

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