Rezko: Will he sing?

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The million dollar question following Tony Rezko's conviction is whether he will crumble under the pressure of being behind jail bars and agree to talk to the feds.

Rezko faces significant prison time stemming from his recent corruption conviction. Beyond that, he still faces two other criminal cases and his
money troubles continue to escalate

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That is a great pix there. It would be better if you had more potential jailmates next to that singular guy.

What's next?

My concern is that helping friends, being vocal on boards, buying property near someone else has become criminal and they are not crimes in statute.

I do not want people to begin to not help their friends or not have friends in order to stay out of jail. The whole process of not responding with community service to nepotism charges strikes me as promoting abusing people. If I will be prosecuted for helping friends, I might as well be abusive. The process seems destructive to me.

James- the problem is they don't pass the smell test. These are public figures doing the work of "the people" not "their firends". Part of the problem arises from the sums of money, public money, involved. For example inthe TRS stuff you had hurdred$ of Million$ "helping firends". In the bond re-fi deal you had $11 Billion. Now Rezko got 1/2 of a nearly $1 million dollar finders fee. Did you get your share- I didn't get mine...

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