Rezko trial: Will today be the day?

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After a long weekend, jurors are back in Monday morning deliberating.

Will they return a verdict today, after lunch?

Today is the 10th time the jury has met to deliberate, but their accumulated time behind closed-doors amounts to 7 1/2 days, when you combine their half-day sessions.

Speculation by reporters is that the school principal is the foreperson of the 10 woman, two man jury, and she's meticulously making the panel go through each piece of evidence. Of course, this is just speculation.

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It may be that just a few of the counts are causing the holdup.

The weather is finally getting nice, they are going to want to get some sunshine.

I agree about the weather. And do you speculators know any school principals? All that explains is the light workdays.

What happens if they are deadlocked on one count? Does the whole trial become a hung jury because they are deadlocked on one count.

No, the whole trial does not become a hung jury if they are deadlocked on one count. In fact, the prosecutor can opt to tell the judge to instruct the jury to come back and give its verdict on the rest of the counts. That's happened in the past.

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