Rezko trial: What we know

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-- Two weeks ago: jurors in Tony Rezko's trial asked for a transcript of witness Michael Winter's testimony. The judge said they couldn't have it -- or anyone's transcript testimony.

-- Last week, jurors indicated in a note they would stay late on two nights to help "conclude our decision." We took that to mean a decision was imminent.
Here we are a week later.

-- This week: Jurors on Monday say they cannot agree "on one count." They're brought in at about 2:30 p.m. and told to keep deliberating. We think a decision is imminent.
Here we are Wednesday morning.

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What made reporters think the note last week was "a tease?"

I guess if there is an "ordinary" run of the mill process, this case is far from it. Only conjecture at this point to go by and a guilty outcome could be so damaging to so many besides Rezko. Depending on the verdicts handed down by this clownish jury, Pandora's Box could be renamed Blago's box or Obama's box. My question is, can Chicago break itself free from the century of corruption it has in it's history and finaly start to come clean before the entire nation. Rezko could very well be one of the catalyst' that creates the beginning of the end of the Chicago corrupt political combine. Funny how when reading the Trib and Times, I see "Springfield" is always quoted as where the political problems eminate when, in fact, the Chicago legislator's are the corrupt ones and the truth is, the majority of the Illinois legislature comes from the Chicago - Metro - Collar County area. Simple facts based on population and historical data.

What is up with this jury? How do they go last week from they will
"stay late on two nights to help "conclude our decision" to no verdict days later. If he has to be found not guilty I wish I would feel more confident in the process. I still do not understand why this jury was not sequestered - at least for the delibration process. After all the corruption in Chicago - how are we supposed to feel confident in the outcome?

Strange stuff. I don't know I have to think that the note means they cannot agree on "just" one count. The Winter testimony was absolutly damning. It has to be guilty on some of the counts. What about the Cari testimony? That too was damning. Any idea which count is a little different from the others? That might be one way to tea leaf the one that is holding them up.

starting to get suspicious...

Tony Rezko may go to jail but his daughter works in the IT department for the cook county sheriff

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