Rezko trial: The day after

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The courtroom has quieted. The jury watch is over. Reporters, jurors, lawyers, have moved on with their lives. Tony Rezko surrendered and is behind bars. But the Rezko story hasn't died. In fact, with U.S. Sen. Barack Obama the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee just this week, expect to see Rezko in television ads and elsewhere as Obama continues his quest for the White House. And expect Rezko's conviction to continue haunting Gov. Blagojevich's administration.

Read today's story: GOP wastes no time focusing on Obama

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Thank you so much Chicago Sun Time reporters for caring to keep after this. Natasha - you did a great job blogging! This has been extremely informative and I wish you would continue to find engaging ways to report on future investigations of Chicago politics. In particular to keep after connections to the present Presidential race. The MSN appears to be more vested in politically endorsing a particular candidate rather than vetting them all. This election is too important to have the Chicago mob style Combine gain access to the White House. Once again thank you Sun Times reporters for doing an outstanding job!

Hmmm---Guess I'd have to pick the Chicago Combine anyday over the TX Oil combine, Hanna.

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