Rezko trial: Jury nears verdict; deadlocked on one count

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By Natasha Korecki
Federal Courts Reporter

Jurors in Tony Rezko's trial are near a decision. In a note to U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve, jurors indicated "we cannot decide on one count."
St. Eve brought in the panel and gave them an instruction required by law called the Silvern instruction, which essentially says that they must go back and keep trying.
"Discuss your differences with an open mind," St. Eve said. "You are impartial judges of the facts."
The 10-woman, 2-man jury returned to their closed-door deliberations.
The note didn't specify that the jury had reached a consensus on all the other counts, but that's the assumption we've all drawn.

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Arghh. I hope the taxpayers get what they desrve here and that is guilty...

That is deeply concerning. Deeply.

Hanna, do you think that is a bad sign (like he might not be guilty on all charges?)? There are 24 counts in all. Certainly considering some of the testimony, Pekin for example, there is no way he can't be guilty of a few charges.

Big Windy - I completely agree with you. Maybe it's just my perspective but I honestly thought he was guilty straight down the line. Straight down the line. I don't get at all why this is taking this long and that there is a debate - let alone a deadlock on one of the counts. I think this jury should have been sequestered - just to be sure no one got to them. Look at what kind of crimes (and with who) we're talking about... I feel very discouraged that justice will be done in Chicago. And this infection is spreading across country. I really feel sad.

My thinking is that if he is guilty on 23 counts, the 24th count is basically irrelevant. That's my thinking.

You guys have no idea...what has the prosecution proved? their star witness was on every drug under the people need to be better educated!

Rezko has 16 out of 24 delegates. He is leading in the delegate count. Hillary must withdraw!

I am from Colorado so maybe I don't understand Chicago journalism, but why is Hillary's picture there instead of Obama's?

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