Rezko trial: Blagojevich reacts

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CHICAGO - "Tony Rezko is a friend and was a supporter. On a personal
level, I am deeply sad for what has happened to Tony. I am profoundly
sad for his children and his wife Rita. My heart goes out to all of
them. The jury's decision is yet another reminder that ours is a system
of government that is ruled by laws, and not by men. I respect the
decision made by the jury. As for me, I will continue to get up every
single day to work as hard as I possibly can for the people. Tomorrow I
will meet with the legislative leaders so that we can balance the budget
in a way that is fair and helps people. And I am working on passing a
capital bill that will stimulate our economy and create more than
500,000 jobs."

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Blagojevich is a scumbag!!!! I hope he will finally get what he has deserved for a long time!

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