Rezko trial: Are we there yet?

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Jurors started their deliberations again at 9:15 a.m. this morning, after sending Judge Amy St. Eve a note yesterday saying they were deadlocked on one count.

To address questions: The judge does have the option of accepting a partial verdict on the counts, which jurors have unanimously decided. She would declare a mistrial on the remaining counts. The prosecution then would have the option to retry those counts. If it's just a few counts, the prosecution would probably decline. If it's the whole case, the prosecution would likely retry.

In the high-profile trial of Conrad Black, a case which St. Eve also oversaw, she sent a partially deadlocked jury back a couple of times to reach its decision.

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I suppose they'll want a lunch break.

So, if the jury is deadlocked or cannot decide on one and only one count, the jury has made decisions on the remaining 23 counts. This would be a bit more than a "partial" verdict wouldn't it? 23 out of 24 counts decided upon. I guess it will all depend on how many of the 23 counts the jury has determined as Rezko being guilty. Facing two more trials (one civil and one criminal) after this one is finally over (guilty or not) should get Mr. Rezko thinking about cutting some deals. He could very well be spending the rest of his life at the grey bar hotel! and his debts to the Las Vegas casino's are no laughing matter that his family will be stuck with. Maybe his billionaire Iraqi benefactor will bail him out of those too?

What a coincidence that there may be a hope of a verdict (on the day that the democratic primaries are over)! Kind of negates any possibility that the outcome will affect Obama. Attaway, Chicago, you haven't lost a step politically, still as corrupt as ever.

Between this trials oddball antics and jury & our incompetent legislators passing an "out of whack" budget just to get on the Obama campaign trail, Lightnin makes a valid observation. From this view point, much has been "not said" and "evidence not provided" that definately ties the Chicago Golden Boy to the corrupt Chicago machine from whence he was born and from where his "Rock Star" status began. I'm not sure if the golden boy can dodge all the Rezko press once he's convicted on multiple counts in this trial and faces more convictions to come. What a tangled web we weave, when first we try to deceive! Sooner or later that "Obama" bus will break down from all the people tossed under it.

I smell O.J.

Was Duffy or Safer Black's attorney? We all know how that turned out.

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