Rezko to judge: 'I did nothing wrong with Obama or Blagojevich'

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In a letter to U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve just made public, Tony Rezko pleas to be let out of prison during his trial so he can see his family. He also discusses his case, saying he was pressured to give up the goods on Gov. Blagojevich and Sen. Barack Obama, but that he had nothing bad to say about them.

"I have never been party to any wrongdoing that involved the governor or the senator. I will never fabricate lies about anyone else for selfish purposes. I will take what comes my way but I will not hurt innocent people. I am not Levine, Loren, Mahru or Winter. I am simply an honest, humble immigrant who believes in the American dream," Rezko wrote as he was kept in solitary confinement in a downtown lockup earlier this year. He was speaking of numerous people who testified at his trial or talked to prosecutors.

Sources say that the feds have not approached Obama to question him regarding Rezko. Rezko was a longtime Obama supporter in Obama's early, formative years as a politician. In Rezko's criminal case, money from a kickback scheme ended up in Obama's campaign fund, though there was never an allegation Obama knew about it. Obama later gave that money to charity.
In his letter, Rezko states that he's been under pressure by federal prosecutors to give information on Obama and Blagojevich.
"They are pressuring me to tell them the 'wrong' things that I supposedly know about Gov. Blagojevich and Sen. Obama."
However, Rezko has never submitted to an interview by the feds nor has he proffered a statement to them.

The letter was a plea to St. Eve to allow him to see his family again as his trial continued. Rezko said he was stripped from his home unfairly Jan. 28 -- when he was arrested on a bond violation.
"I did not die but in some ways I feel like I died without having a chance to say goodbye."

St. Eve did release Rezko on $8.5 million bond in April. It was secured by a number of properties belonging to family and friends. However, upon his conviction, Rezko voluntarily surrendered to prison, releasing holds on all the properties. He is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 3.

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This man has no shame, he was born a con man and his pathetic attempt to come on as some kind of hero makes me sick. He thinks he can lie his way out of anything, even after he's caught he plays the part of the victim. There are a lot of cons where he's going and they are not nearly as accomplished as Rezko, maybe he could start a school for corruption.

Why hasn't Patrick Fitzgerald invited Obama and Balgojevich for a "Q & A", they have both been elected and Obama is running for President. You would think a man like Obama an agent of "change" would love to sit down with Patrick Fitzgerald in a unified attempt to rid the State of Illinois of any and all corruption. It would be great for his campaign as well he could video tape the interview and post it on youtube, his new slogan could be "Honest Obama".
It would be good for Blagojevich to do the same, it would get Michael Madigan off his back. Wasn't Blago's campaign slogan "Reform", "no more business as usual". Both Blagojevich and Obama should use this as an opportunity to stand behind their campaign slogans, as grandma use to say "turn those lemons into lemonade". It was understandable the two of them not wanting to interfere with an ongoing trial but now the trial is over and they should do their part as public officials and rid the state of corruption.
Patrick, send them an invite, I'm sure they would be eager to meet with you and answer any questions you might have. Blagojevich and Obama are not "wrong doers" they are "reformers" and agents of "change".

I love how you type up your comment as if you know the facts. You obviously do not know the guy, ad you obviously were not in the court room in the case. The trial did not prove that a single cent was put in his pocket. It didn't prove anything actually. Hes not making up lies about Rod or Barack now is he? If he told the FBI anything wrong of these two he would be a free man by now. The fact that he is accepting his sentence PROVES he is no con man. Get your facts straight son

Rezko The Fall guy.

Adam, Well the evidence certainly doesn't supprot your claims. Also, there are more trials to go and things are going to start looking much worse for Rezko.

Rezko still has the whole Kjellander payment issue still in front of him. As well as the the next federal issue AND the case in Las Vegas.

No one is asking him to make up lies they are just asking him to explain all the payments that came to him either via surrogates or directly to shell comapnies he had set up- at least that seems to be the case (according to his bsuiness partners liek Winters). No one is asking for lies just the truth. The evidence is what convicted Rezko and there was plenty of it.

You say: "It didn't prove anything"- well your wrong. Just look at the Cari testimony- it proved plenty.

Adam- you also say "the fact that he is accepting his sentence PROVES he is no con man". Well I'm not sure I understand your reasoning there.

The fact is he doesn't have a choice. He's guilty in a court of law. he doesn't have a choice about serving his sentence.

If you’re saying he's "serving his sentence" rather than admitting his guilt- I say what an idiot.

There is nothing about serving his sentence that sends a message to any one but his own ego. He's GUILTY of a Federal Crime. To think that he had any choice in this matter is a joke and total hubris. He's going to prison for a long long time. He doesn't have a choice in the matter- that's the way the legal system works. To think that he does is, simply, delusional.

Reality Check- he's in Prison.

Here is just some of the ways in which Rezko moved money. I'm sure the IRS is interested in this:

Cited at the end of the 41-page Motion for Issuance of an Arrest Warrant for United States of America v. Antoin Rezko dated January 26, 2008, is Government Exhibit B: "Receipt and Disbursement of Funds from $3.5 Million Wire Transfer," which details disbursements made on behalf of Tony Rezko and by Rita Rezko from the "undeclared" $3.5 million received from Iraqi-British billionaire businessman Nadhmi Auchi.

James Bone and Dominic Kennedy wrote February 1, 2008, in the UK's Times Online:

The payment, disclosed in court papers, is the first time that Mr Obama’s long-serving bagman Antoin "Tony" Rezko, a Syrian immigrant to the United States, has been linked to Nadhmi Auchi, the Iraqi-born billionaire who is one of Britain’s richest men. The relationship is a potential embarrassment for Mr Obama, who has made his opposition to the Iraq war a central plank of his campaign.

The first section of Government Exhibit B, Direct Transfers from Freeborn & Peters Client Funds Account," states "On 4/5/07, $3,499,471 was wired from Beirut Lebanon account of General Mediterranean Holdings, SA to Freeborn & Peters and immediately transferred to Freeborn & Peters client funds account. The following transfers were made from the proceeds of those funds:"
4/5/07 - $100,000 wire transfer to Rezko Property Holdings

4/5/07 - $200,000 wire transfer to account of Maha Makdah

4/5/07 - $700,000 wire transfer to Rita Rezko checking account (see disbursements which follow)

4/5/07 - $275,000 check to CI2 ("Rezko owed CI2 approx. $1,675,000 resulting from cash loan of $990,000 in February 2006") Note: CI2 = Confidential Informant 2 is cited as such in the Rezko indictment documents.

4/5/07 - $50,000 wire transfer to Cincinnati bank for benefit of a creditor
4/5/07 - $100,000 wire transfer to Aboud Rezko (who transferred $20,000 to a "currently unknown account, and wrote numerous checks to cash in amounts in excess of $1,000"; also wrote $8,500 check to brother of a federal fugitive "to whom Rezko owed money, and to whose brother and wife Rezko has paid, directly or indirectly, more than $500,000 since that person became a fugitive in 2004.")

4/11/07 - $150,000 wire transfer to bank for benefit of Mike Sahli.
"Other disbursements from the $3.5 million wire transfer included disbursements totaling $1.9 million to three different law firms that have performed or are performing work for Rezko. In addition, in July 2007, another $200,000 comes from overseas for Rezko's benefit."

The following comes from the second section of Government Exhibit B, Disbursements from Rita Rezko Checking Account: "On 4/5/07, $700,000 of the funds from the $3.5 million GMH wire transfer were deposited into a checking account in the name of Rita Rezko. That account previously had a balance of approximately $4,000. The following transfers were made from the proceedsz of the $700,000 deposit:
4/9/07 - $50,000 check to Adam Rezko's "high school checking" account, which had a prior balance of $23; in June and July 2007, approximately $40,000 was transferred back to "various Rita Rezko accounts"

4/9/07 - $50,000 "transferred to another account"

4/9/07 - $1,000 check to cash (Tony)

4/11/07 - $2,413.62 check to make mortgage payment on behalf of Roger Malki

4/10/07 - $50,000 to Nachwan Rezko (on 4/15/07 Nachwan Rezko writes $44,000 check to Mike Sahli)

4/120/07 - $50,000 check used to purchase $50,000 cashier's check payable to "Collegebound fund"

4/10/07 - $80,000 transfer to Rita Rezko savings account

4/20/07 - $300,000 transfer to open new Rita Rezko savings account (4/23/07 - $300,000 used to open investment account for Rezkos; as of 1/7/08, approx. $255,000 remains in account; 7/10/07 - $7,800 wire transfer to bank in Doha, Qatar)

4/23/07 - $20,000 check to "Rezko property Hold. LLC," with notation "loan" on memo line (Note: "Rezko Property Holdings account used to make various disbursements to Rezko's family members as well as to relatives who posted bond for Rezko.)

5/8/07 - $60,000 check to Maha Makdah

5/9/07 - $6,000 check to Kevin Rezko

5/21/07 - $2,800 check to Rezko Property Holdings

6/26/07 - $15,000 check to Rezko Property Holdings

9/5/07 - $8,100 check to cash

10/2/07 - $9,500 wire transfer to checking account in name of Tony Rezko ("opened in April 2007 and not disclosed to the Court)

10/9/07 - $1,206.86 check to make mortgage payment for Roger Malki

11/30/07 - $10,000 check to Rezko Property Holdings
This does not take into account payments made for living expenses. "As of 12/27/07, the remaining balance in the Rita Rezko checking account was $603."

Thats a fair amount of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Makes you wonder a bit.

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