Rezko: Which version of the truth to believe?

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A new filing unsealed in the Tony Rezko case shows that the feds interviewed Gov. Blagojevich on "multiple occasions," and he denied telling two government witnesses he'd trade state work for campaign cash.

Read the Sun-Times exclusive: Rezko filing raises prospect that witnesses lied -- or governor did

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I would like to provide a personal experience concerning John Mc Cain's and his selfless dedication.

I was stationed on the U.S.S. Forrestal and during our deployment off the coast of Vietnam,a fire on the flight deck occured.The fire was caused by the bombs cross decked to us by a departing carier group which were old and unstable.

John was attached to the airgroup that was departing and voluntered to be detached to our airgroup extending his tour as a A6A Intruder fighter pilot.

About 85 navy personnel were killed during the fire
and 50 more died of wounds sustained fighting the fire or were trapt aboard the Forrestal.

I remember seeing John Mc Cain whith blood stains all over his flight suit being lifted off in a litter and brought up to the area that wounded and dead that had been designated as seriously wounded.I also remember him assisting in the efforts to assist those more seriously injured.

Later that afternoon John was transfered to another carrier assigned to our battle group.That same day he was launched in a A6A-Intruder to provide close air to ground support for our troops in Vietnam.

I don't know if the wounds he sustained that day limited his prowesness, but I can testify that John Mc Cain is one hell of a attack fighter pilot and American, despite the garbage that Airforce former general spouted about John.

Barach's comment that the generals coments were not artfull dosen't make it for anyone who knows John Mc Cain.

Two people have testified and there lives have already been effected. The gov. has alot to lose & will continue his George Ryan impression, Deny,Deny,Deny to the bitter end.

This is so typical that Rod would have a so called "campaign fund raiser" tonight at Navy Pier, when it's really 'defence fund raiser". He's going to need it, he spent $1 million dollars on a defence attorney last year and he hasn't even gone to trial yet, Blagojevich couldn't possibly think he could be re-elected, he's greedy and stupid but not that stupid. I wonder if Patrick Fitzgerald wouldn't mind rapping this up before November.

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