Rezko money: Feds want to put a hold on funds

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Lawyers met this morning in Tony Rezko's case, indicating they want to freeze cash Rezko put up for his bond so they can try to take it later. The feds want to put a hold on about $100,000 in cash as they move to seek forfeiture against him. That money is supposed to be returned to Rezko's lawyers after the fund-raiser turned himself in to begin serving his sentence last week.

But prosecutors say that money should be put on hold as they seek to recoup $250,000, which they say represents ill-gotten money from schemes proven up in his two-month fraud trial.

U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve hasn't yet ruled on what Rezko owes in forfeiture.

Also this week, the judge returned the passport belonging to Rezko's wife, Rita. She had to surrender it when she acted as a third person custodian to her husband while he was free on bond.

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