Jurors lunching

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Jurors took a lunch at about noon, according to court watchers sitting outside the courtroom.

Today is their 11th day of closed-door talks.
Before deliberations, the jury spent about 35 days in the actual trial. Jurors are paid $40 a day for their service. On the 31st day of service, they get a $10 raise. So this panel has been paid $50 a day for the last couple of weeks.

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Thank you for keeping us informed about the jury's financial windfall. I guess we don't need to know about overtime because they don't do overtime. I would really like some information on tea leaf reading and what the verdict will be. My mouse finger is sore from the continuous checking on this blog. I don't understand something - was the note yesterday from the jury saying they had a deadlock about one final count a tease to the court or not? I thought I read it was a tease and incorrectly inferred they had time to play with the court, so they much be done with deliberations.

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