Witness: I wore a wire after I was threatened

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Ali Ata, the prosecution's closer witness, testified moments ago he came to the government to cooperate this spring because he was threatened.

Ata said he wore a recording device and recorded conversation for the government on a separate case:
“Yes, for one person who delivered a threat to me,” Ata said.
Prosecutor Carrie Hamilton asked Ata if it were fair to say he didn't suddenly plead guilty last week so he could rush onto the stand in the Rezko corruption trial.
"You were not coming in to cooperate when you cooperated so you could testify at this trial?" Hamilton asked
"Correct," Ata said.

When Ata disclosed he received a threat, Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy objected and the lawyers went to a private sidebar. The judge then told the jurors to strike that statement. There was no further explanation of what the threat had to do with and who lodged the alleged threat.

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Mr.Duffy, it is time your client cooperates and makes a deal, he is going to jail for a long time.

the government has definately not proven their case. What criminal wouldn't lie through his teeth if the government dangled a deal in front of them. remember people, innocent until proven guilty, this isn't communist china.

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