Trial could wrap up earlier than planned

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Tony Rezko's lawyers originally said they would take weeks to present their defense case. Then they said it could take days.

Today, his lawyers said the whole thing could be done in an afternoon, or possibly a day and a half.

The prosecution said they will likely rest Monday. Rezko lawyer William Ziegelmueller said the defense could be done by late Monday, maybe Tuesday.

It is typical for a defense not to put on much of case, saying most of the work is done through cross examination.

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What am I mising here? Was I sleeping through Rezko's testimony? Has Rezko been called to the stand? I would think that the prosecutor has a long list of questions to ask and light a fire under the Rezko fanny to see how he burns, smoldering or up in flames!

Considering this is just about it, Fitzgerald must have been happy to have Ata in the end to help bolster Levine.

Considering this is just about it, Fitzgerald must have been been very happy to have Ata to help bolster Levine's testimony. It will be interesting to see if after this verdict Fitzgerald can work his way up the food chain. The Obama's must be very relieved.

There are alot of people relieved but I don't think Blagojevich is one of them and Patrick Fitzgerald has him right were he wants him. Blagojevich never should have involved his wife Patti with his political antics. Fitz is going to use her to make Blagojevich plead out and who knows who he will take with him on his fast sinking ship. Most captians try to get their crew onto life boats when the boat takes on water but not Blago., he'll be taking his crew down with him.

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