The Piggy Bank

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After a weekend break, Tony Rezko jurors are spending their third day behind doors deliberating.

In the meantime, there's news concerning a co-schemer whose name repeatedly surfaced at Rezko's trial -- William Cellini.

Cellini, whose firm Commonwealth manages $1 billion in assets with the state, hasn't been charged with wrongdoing. But he's under scrutiny by State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias. Giannoulias accused Cellini and his partners of diverting as much as $2 million from the Abraham Lincoln Hotel and Conference Center in Springfield after he won a sweet-heart state loan to fund the hotel.
Time and again during the two-month, Cellini's voice was heard on tape working out deals with prosecution witness Stuart Levine.

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I can't remember but I think Gov. Ryan's jury was out about 10 days. However, they didn't have as much evidence as the Feds brought against Rezko in this case. I would be surprised if there was a conclusion before the end of the week. There's more evidence here against Rezko so to review it one would think would take more time than the Ryan conviction, unless of course the jusry thinks there is so much evidence that the case is just overwhelming for the Feds and they just say guilty on all charges. But considering the number of charges...this could take a while.

I don't think he's going to cut a deal, he's going to wait for the verdict because he still has to face more charges. If he's found guilty in this case will they revoke his bail or will he get to stay in his Wilmette mansion until the end of his next trial? If they don't revoke his bail he's better off milking the high life while he can.

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