Rezko's gambling previously unknown

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The revelation that Tony Rezko was a high-roller in Las Vegas casinos was not widely known in Illinois -- before Thursday, that is. Authorities there announced they had a warrant for Rezko's arrest for allegedly skipping out on $450,000 in debt.

Two casinos -- Bally's and Caesar's Palace -- knew him well enough that they allowed him to write checks for tens of thousands of dollars. Sources say Rezko took trips to Vegas with businessmen, politicians and fellow Gov. Blagojevich fund-raiser Chris Kelly.

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Viva Las Vegas and the Combine - making sure our tax payer dollars are hard at work.

Who were the politicians?

Can you find any house camera tapes of 'O' shooting craps with him?

Here we are Monday morning and hoping the jury found their way back from the weekend. High hopes for a verdict today.

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