Rezko trial: Tony on tape

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U.S. Prosecutor Reid Schar highlighted more than a dozen audio recordings where Tony Rezko is referenced or in a rare instance, actually talking himself.

Here's what a government wire tap caught Stuart Levine and others saying on the phone. They did not know they were being recorded.

•On 4/17/04 Levine says Rezko told him:
“It’s like, find us whatever you can...just do it, make it happen Stuart.”
•On 4/17/04 Levine says Rezko told him:
“What do you need to proceed?”
Levine says he answered: “Your permission.”
•On 4/18/04 Levine tells construction company owner Jacob Kiferbaum
“(Rezko) wants us to take whatever we can.”
•On 4/21/04 Levine tells Kiferbaum
“He’s got the power boy.”
•On 4/21/04 Levine tells his friend Bob Weinstein:
“(Rezko) wants to make as much money as he can, while he can.”
•On 5/18/04 Rezko tells Levine:
“Tom will carry the ball and nobody will know.”

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The case against Rezko is much stronger than the press is making it out to be. This is not a case of Levine just making up stuff about Rezko. The government had tapes implicating Tony Rezko long before Levine testified. Levine is just filling in the gaps in these tapes. And Rezko was clearly responsible for having Stuart Levine being reappointed to the board.

"Tom will carry the ball and nobody will know." Looks, like this refers to the hospital vote.

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