Rezko trial: Tension building

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The line this morning to get into Tony Rezko's trial is halfway down the hallway.

Rezko entered the building early today, and waits inside a witness and attorney room off the hallway on the 12th floor. Today, he wears a navy blue suit and a striped tie.

In line is apparently family members (possibly a brother and parents?) of Prosecutor Reid Schar, who will be delivering this morning's summation. As Schar walks toward the courtroom, he pauses and gives them a nod to get out of line. They follow him in before the rest of the crowd.

Tony's family is there too, including his sons, his nephew and others who have consistently supported him during his two-month trial.

One older man in line complained about star witness Stuart Levine and his testimony that a recording against Ald. Bill Singer didn't work. The man is incredulous over Levine's bungling of the recording, which happened in an investigation separate from Rezko's. Levine testified he had bungled the recording by accidentally shutting off a device in his pocket.

(But later in the trial, an FBI agent testified that another wire on Levine did work and Singer was recorded.)

Inside the courtroom, an air of tension surrounds Rezko. He isn't smiling or talking much to his lawyers. He keeps a pretty straight face.

Judge Amy St. Eve asks Schar if he's ready.
"I am judge," Schar says in a booming, deep voice.

She asks that the jury is brought in.
It is 9 a.m. -- sharp.

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