Rezko trial: Obama escapes unscathed

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The Tony Rezko trial had potential to tarnish the name of Presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

But Obama turned out to be merely a blip in the trial, despite his longtime ties to Rezko.

Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown explores the issue in his column today.

Read: 'Rezko trial hasn't harmed Obama -- yet'

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If the feds ever bring the Companion Security deal to light it will, what's taking them so long on that? It has been written that they were investigating but no charges. Alsammarae was found guilty in Iraq for stealing $650 million dollars from the U.S and Iraqi government, he teams up with Rezko, Frawley & Mahru, Frawley meets with Seamus Ahern for 6 months, phone calls,emails, letters and Obama has the "audacity" to claim that he didn't know Frawley and Rezko were partners, he must think we are all stupid. Not to mention this is the worst of all the crimes "alleged" against Rezko, profitting agaist the war effort. If nothing has come out of there investigations they should make a public announcment saying so.

Whats your point?

What is your point? It seems we should also open up whitewater your motive seems disengenious and more of a double standard. One would think as a columnist you would be open minded and objective, not hiding under a shroud of unegalitarian political inconsistencies.

Wow is that spin or what.... Rezko trial: Obama escapes unscathed
What they don't want you to realize is that Mr Obama has at the very least shown very poor judgement as to who he call's his friends or for that matter his spirital guide ... But here is what most eveyone should be seeing he has surounded himself with people who are both morally bankrupt and criminal and let's not forget that when this first started Mr Obama showed how this contact has effected him do you all remember when he told reporters that he barely knew the Man (Rezko) but then weeks later went on a national talk show to then tell us how he (DOWN PLAYED) ie. (lied) to the american people about his relationship with the man and then went on to tell how he would some days spend the morning with this criminal having coffee either at his house or at obama's .... So you tell me how badly do you want someone you cannot trust in the whitehouse and if you think I am wrong about any of this just go to the archives of this new paper it will provide you with the proof ...yeah change.. sorry we don't need your kind of change obama city of chicago style corruption this country does not need

Well, Steve, let's say you're correct. I still don't see any thing that is capable of being a 'charge' against Obama. So, what you're complaining about then is the possibility that some 'dirty money' 'created' a politician.
Hasn't this happened before?
The Bushes
The Kennedies
The Goldwaters
(Now, don't scream at me) The Clintons (Isn't that what all those Republican 'investigaitons' were all about once they go to the White house.
The Nixons.
The Reagan (brothers)--now that was really dirty.
So, maybe you're right.
The Roosevelts weren't squeeky clean either.
I would argue that we've long acknowledged the ability to rise from dirt poor to part of the oligarchy. And those oligarchy members do good things in office (with the exception of the Bushes) too. The system is NOT perfect. People are NOT perfect.
Who do you think pays for all those commercials?
I think that an Obama/Clinton or a Clinton/Obama team would win. They will NOT win without each other.
So, if you're a Clinton supporter, please STOP with this atack on Obama.
And if you're a McCain supporter, I guess I just don't know what to say.

The shielding of Obama's dirt is a complete disgrace. The blind eye the MSN has turned to looking at Obama will come back to haunt them. If Obama takes the White House we are going to watch the eventual formation of another Ken Starr like investigation - and this time, unlike White Water (to those who now want to re-visit White Water please inform yourself of the facts --there was absolutely nothing proved concerning corruption - all that for absolutely NOTHING) but with Obama, there will be Nixonian loads. Our country can't afford the distraction, the investment of time and resources this is going to absorb. If the Democratic Party thinks that half this country is going to sit by (along with a large number of absolutely disgusted Dems) while we let this guy drag dirty Chicago politics through the White House they are going to be stunned by the response. This trial may have left Obama unscathed, but it has fueled concern - and that disturbing piece will haunt Obama until the bottom of his dirty dark closet is exposed. Once upon a time Nixon thought he was untouchable as well - and he got brought down by a couple of journalists who cared enough to persevere despite all sorts of discouraging obstacles. Obama, this isn't going quietly into the good night.

Funny how the Clinton supporters think a President Obama would be a disgrace...give that one Clinton was already impeached, had "sexual relations" with a young intern in the White House, lied to the American people about it on TV while acting insulted, etc., etc. Seems Clinton's supporters lack any objectivity or sense of reality whatsoever...sort of like Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Steve - I agree with you, except for one thing - because Obama has had no significan impact for the good due to anything he has done to date as an adult, it is difficult to see if he does rise above the "dirt". Obama is charasmatic and has consistently said that he is better than everyone else - he is more genuine - he is more pure. I have such a hard time with this - even his own pastor has not been inspired to change based on his association with Obama. I agree with you that if Clinton and Obama can find a way to run together - their November victory is virtually assured. Separately - well it's a greater risk. Some people might decide we need a greater Democratic majority in the congress and let the republicans keep the Presidency.

That's great. Excuse Obama by talking about previous scandals. Unfortuantely that is the type of denial that will bring another dirty politician to the White House. Funny how historians have looked back on the early days of many disasterous leaders (including the early Hitler movement) and there they were all the signs of what was to come... if only people weren't in denial.
At the very least Obama supporters shouldn't be so darn afraid of having this guy vetted - that in of itself tells you deep down, you guys know something is rotten. If he takes the White House it will be interesting to see which journalist wins the Pulitzer for exposing him. It's just a matter of time.

Bill Clinton has extra material affair in the White House, who was hurt by his lie, His wife and daughter. When the truth about Obama and the Illinois/Chicago political arena comes out, he will be impeached for CORRUPTION! Thats could mean prision time!

Is there such a thing as an "unscathed" Illinois politician. I think it naive to assume there is integrity in our government, especially after learning how the money flows via the testimonies in this trial.
I ask, what now? We aren't allowed to recall an official, how will we demand a review of all the corrupt contracts that are paid for with our taxes? Like that's going to happen.

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