Rezko trial: Man on the run

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Witness Ali Ata (above, running from photographers) was the last-minute addition to the Tony Rezko trial, but his testimony may prove to be the most significant in bolstering the government's case.

Ata testified he gave Rezko more than $100,000 in cash bribes, that he got his state post after holding fund-raisers for Gov. Blagojevich and that Rezko helped Ata secure a state lease after Ata made Rezko a partner in the land deal.

He continues his testimony on cross examination Monday.

Read today's story: Ata took state job for 'redemption'

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Democrats had ample time to select sane presidential candidates.
Instead, they foisted on its voting populus 2 kooky wingnuts!

When Democrats fired a well liked senator, and forced him to switch politial parties, he knocked the tar out of them.
One might suppose, they learned their lesson back then.

I for one see now they still have yet to comprehend what the heck they are politically doing to themselves as they dissolve their party!

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