Rezko trial: Last moments are light and loose

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Everyone in the courtroom knows the trial is about to come to a close. We're just waiting for the jury to come in so they can hear the news.

As we wait, a loose, "it's finally over," feeling falls over the courtroom.

Rezko lawyer Joe Duffy and an IRS agent are chatting in the back of the courtroom about restaurant recommendations.

Prosecutors Reid Schar and Carrie Hamilton both laugh loudly -- something about rubber bands, but it's tough to hear. Schar, his face red, swivels in his chair, toward, and then away from Tony Rezko. Hamilton, standing a few feet away from Schar, looks on laughing loudly too. Rezko, wearing a light grey suit and a yellow tie, smiles wide and chuckles. He looks at the prosecutors and snaps a rubber band around his notebook and keeps laughing.

It's a light ending to this two-month trial.

Having sat through the marathon trial of former Gov. George Ryan, I can tell you, this kind of congeniality between the prosecution and defense never happened.

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