Rezko trial: 'He was being watched'

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Witness Ali Ata said Tony Rezko warned Ata in the time preceding his indictment that the feds were watching.

Ata said Rezko told him: “We should be careful speaking on the phone, he was being watched,” Ata said.
Ata said Rezko told him he had a company sweep for bugs and Ata saw there were little electronic boxes that were bug detectors in Rezko's office.
And, in the middle of 2005, while sitting in Ata's car, Rezko allegedly asked Ata if he had been approached by the FBI. "He mouthed the FBI," Ata said.

"Mr. Rezko said that the FBI was approaching people, he’s got people throwing themselves at the feet of the FBI," Rezko allegedly told Ata.
Rezko told him that: “Those who do will be dealt with.”

Ata said he took that to mean that when Rezko's people oust U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald:
"That when the new U.S. Attorney takes office, those who have cooperated previously would be dealt with."

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