Rezko trial: Enough to wake a sleeping juror

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There's good news and bad news for Tony Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy.

Good news: He struck a chord with at least one juror. The male who couldn't keep his eyes open all morning and afternoon was open-eyed and alert when Duffy started his closing remarks at about 3:30 p.m. He even smiled wide a couple of times at Duffy's jokes and seemed to pay close attention to exhibits Duffy put up on the screen.

Bad news: The juror next to him nodded off.

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Wow. In these hands lies the scales of justice.

Just for open discussion, considering that there is probably nothing beyond Rezko and his surrogates whose to say they haven't reached out to one of these jurors. I mean they did try and threaten Ata.

It looks like the Associated Press finally caught wind of the corruption of the Iraqi Ministries that the Sun-Times has been writing about for almost a year now. What took them sooo long!
Will this come back to Alsammarae, Rezko, Frawley and Mahru?

If he tried to get P.F. fired, and threatened Ata, reaching out to a juror is definately not out of the question. He thinks he's Tony Soprano.

Why no Mayor Daley mentioned with the trial?

Why no Mayor Daley mentioned with the trial?

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