Rezko trial: Defense won't call witnesses

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Moments after the prosecution rested, Tony Rezko waived his right to testify.

Then Rezko's lawyers disclosed they've taken on a strategy of putting up no separate defense case, indicating they won't call any of their own witnesses.
The move isn't a complete surprise.
Last week, Rezko's lawyers hinted their defense case, if any, would be short -- possibly wrapping up in an afternoon. Defense lawyers often say the bulk of their defense comes out through cross examination.

The defense filed three motions to throw out particular charges against Rezko -- including a motion saying the government hasn't proven its case.

Judge Amy St. Eve, who said she would take the motions under advisement, told jurors that lawyers will "finish the evidentiary portion of the case when you come back at 12:15." She then told them they will have a week off, to return Monday for closing arguments.

The jury will return as the defense enters documents into evidence.
Will it offer any interesting written, stipulated testimony? We'll see in a few minutes.

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A week off! Why are they prolonging this? Could there be political motives?

Is it "Let's Make A Deal Time?"

I guess if you couldn't even pay someone to lie for you, case closed for the defense! There are several issues here to consider. If Rezko is as broke as he says he is, Duffy won't get paid much if anything at all and so then why would he care if Rezko burns? The Government has made thier case, even if Levine isn't credible the other witnesses laid it all out and then some. Rezko has another trial to go to next that will be a no brainer for the prosecution, so he's cooked on that one too! If Rezko does have enough cash hidden away, Duffy can milk him for all he does have and send him candy and cigarettes in the slammer. I still have money on Rezko skipping the country if he doesn't roll on Blago, Kelly, Kjellander, Cellini and the other scum within the next week.

Small town guy; Duffy did get paid, Auchi the Iraqi baath party billionare sent him 3.5 million and most of that went to Duffy. Don't worry about Duffy getting stiffed, he got his money up front.

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