Rezko trial: Back today

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After a two-day break, the Tony Rezko trial started up again this morning.
What will make big news today is the testimony of Ali Ata, former official in the Blagojevich administration. Ata, expected to give explosive testimony about cash bribes to Rezko and broader allegations about pay-to-play tactics in the Blagojevich administration, will take the stand sometime after several brief witnesses.

On the stand is FBI Agent Charles Willenborg, who is testifying about spreadsheets he developed tracing Rezko's phone calls.

The charts show the frequency and length of calls between Rezko and some key players in the trial -- William Cellini, Stuart Levine, Chris Kelly, among others.

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Blagojevich should do his state and the country a favor - go in there admit what he did, and take his medicine. He must be knitting his brow today. Another selfish, blind politician.

It's a shame that the prosecutors can't find a way to put Blagojevich on the stand as well. All along he has been denying any and all accusations. This way the truth would come out (like that'd happen) or they would be able to add perjury to the list of his wrong doing.

Blagojevich is going to have to make a deal with P.F.., he brought his wife in the mix. If Blagojevich dosn't make a deal P.F. , he is going to prosecute his wife as well. Can you even imagine who Blagojevich can take down? This is better than the Sapranos.

Do you think Blagojevich cares about his wife? And what is up with her - she didn't know this was going on??? Spousal loyalty need only go so far - this is suicidal style loyalty or serving her own selfish interest loyalty. Hope they enjoyed the construction to their fine quarters we tax payers financed.

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