More Joe Duffy one-liners

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Tony Rezko's defense attorney, Joseph Duffy, is continuing his closing argument this morning. He keeps hammering away at star prosecution witness Stuart P. Levine with colorful statements about Levine's admitted drug use and criminal past:

On why Levine is cooperating in the Rezko case: "He needed Rezko for one reason only. To avoid life in prison."

On Levine's claims that Levine was being truthful with the jury: "You’re not gonna change the stripes on a zebra."

On what the government should have done with Levine: "They should have terminated his cooperation agreement and taken the full force of the law against him. The sad reality of it is they made a commitment to him and they needed him."

On why the government didn't have Levine attempt to record Rezko after Levine began cooperating: "Why wasn’t there an effort to tape Mr. Rezko? What do you think would have ended up on that tape? Nothing that would have been consistent with the story he told in this trial."

-Chris Fusco

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"Why wasn’t there an effort to tape Mr. Rezko?"
We heard how paranoid Rezko was checking for bugs all the time. . . . He knew exactly where to find the bugs.

Duffy dosn't want the jury to beleive the govenment or any of the witnesses, just beleive my client, give me a break! He wants the jury to beleive that Levine was incoherent every day for 20 years from using drugs but he was just sober enough to fool two state boards and his poor stupid immigrant cleint. It sounds to me Duffy made the govenments case by using Levines drug addiction, he didn't have the wearwithall to pull this off by himself.

What ended up on tape? from previously identified tape recordings:
On 5/18/04 Rezko tells Levine:
“Tom will carry the ball and nobody will know.”
Mr. Duffy's memory must not be very good either, something in the water? Sure sounds to me like a message of a "secret scam" from Rezko to Levine.

Yeah, Duffy strikes out.

He's swinging at a airball here. I mean the conversations on the tapes are pretty damn clear.

I guess with his fees being paid up front why not take it to the jury? What did Rezko have to lose he is going to jail either way. So, with the layers having been paid by some iraqi billionaire- why not take it to trial?

What a waste of tax payer money.

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