Levine's $1.3 million in cash and 806 calls

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Tony Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy repeatedly called prosecution witness Stuart Levine a liar, saying he caught Levine in lies right on the stand.
"He lies so much, I don't think he knows when he's lying," Duffy said. "It's that bad."
Levine admitted to 30 years of drug use, including some heavy-duty drugs, such as Crystal Meth, Special K and cocaine.

Duffy claimed Levine tried to downplay his drug use, saying he spent just $2,000 a month on drugs.
Duffy showed a chart indicating Levine withdrew $1.3 million in cash from 2000 to early 2004. Duffy attributed the cash to a far more excessive drug use than what Levine admitted.

He then showed a chart showing Levine dialed his drug sources 806 times in a 25-month period.
"That's more than one call a day," Duffy said.

On Tuesday, Duffy's will continue his closing argument. Then prosecutor Chris Niewoehner will deliver the government's rebuttal.

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Duffy wants it both ways, Levine was so high he couldn't tie his own shoes yet he was incredibly clever and manilpulative enough to courrupt two state boards and his poor sap of a client. Which one is it Duffy?

Putting all his eggs in the Levine basket, Duffy's simply ignoring the very credible witnesses who corraborated Levine's testimony shuold be the clincher. Of course Levine is scum, just like the rest of the intimate Blago crew. Levine admits it and the rest of them will hopefully be indicted with Blago on the pay-to-play trials coming up. I'm very surprised that a negotiated deal between Duffy and Fitz hasn't been offered to the judge. Wouldn't it be a little late to try to put a deal together now? The final closing remarks from both sides are about done right?

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