Jurors want to "conclude their decision" -- by Thursday

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Looks like the jury is intent on wrapping this up by week's end.

Judge Amy St. Eve just read a note that was left May 21st from the jury.

In it, jurors asked to leave at noon today to accommodate a job interview for one of the jurors.
But they indicated they will stay an hour and a half later Wednesday and Thursday to: "help conclude our decision." They will stay until 5:50 p.m. the next two days, the timing was set to help jurors make the train.

Some reporters were unimpressed by the note, one television reporter hurried out of the courtroom bench saying :"Excuse me. I gotta go blow this out of proportion."
Another TV reporter joked: "I took a shower for this?"

Though defense lawyers already knew the content of the note (it was read in a conference call to the parties six days ago) Tony Rezko appeared in court with his lawyers. He was dressed in a suit and uttered a soft "good morning," as he stood in the hallway with his lawyers.

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At least he'll look sharp going to the Pen. Oh yeah and contrite- should make him popular in the yard...

This is the most bizzare stuff. Jurors want to leave early for family coming to town for a visit. Jurors want to leave early for a job interview. Jurors want to leave early to attend an eighth grade graduation. Jurors must leave early because of a family crisis. Jurors must leave early because of personal issues. All the while this judge cowtows to the jurors and lets them leave whenever they wish, why? yet she refuses to have the court stenographer read back any testimony or let them review the transcripts of testimony they feel necessary to aviod confusion and provide clarification during deliberation. Someone, please tell me, is this typical in the Circus Big Top, we're calling the Chicago courtroom?

STG- it's a "new age" of justice. Maybe the Judge knows Rezko's future is so dim that a few days at home would be nice before he has to spend an eternity sharing underwear with other inmates.

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