Jury gone until Tuesday

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Jurors have left for a long Memorial Day weekend.

If you're interested in other corruption news, read about 15 people arrested on bribery charges tied to the city's building department. Read: New round of corruption charges hit city

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I think Patrick Fitzgerald might be spreading himself a little thin, if he's going to clean up Chicago he's going to have to expand his crew and build more jails.

Why don't we just start all over in Chicago? Isn't this absolutely sickening?
I wonder if this department had anything to do with the fact that Rezko's buildings went to pot while he was still able to garner State funds (and parade political contributions over to people including Obama). Somebody did an awful lot of looking the other way, for something on public display. Did this department have anything to do with permits for the Obama mansion?

Has anybody seen Monty Hall going in the federal building? If Rezko was smart he should make a deal NOW!

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