Jury adjourned for the day

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Jurors in the Tony Rezko trial have left for the day. They left early due to a family situation related to one juror. They will return 9:15 a.m. Wednesday.

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If this jury is as all others, being given a stipend (payment) per day for their service (I use that term loosely), I hope the court is reducing thier payments and only paying them by the hours they are in deliberation. This all seems so strange, leaving early most every day so far based on personal - family situations coming up. One day it's an "emergency" the next a request to attend an graduation, "situations", etc. I know these terms are provided by the reporter and not necessarily the judge but all the same.......

Natasha; is it true you are going to be on the John Batchelor show with Evelyn Pringle Sunday night? Can I listen to it over the computer, the only radio I have is in my car.

Well it is now Thursday morning. Did they ever come back?

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