Government kicks off closing arguments in Rezko trial

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The government’s closing argument in Tony Rezko’s corruption trial kicked off at 9:04 a.m. and is expected to take between three and four hours. Rezko’s defense attorney, Joseph Duffy, will decide after that whether he wants to begin his closing argument today or wait until tomorrow.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Reid J. Schar has begun recounting the government’s case. Key words he keeps repeating at the beginning are “time and time again.”

“Time and time again the evidence demonstrates the defendant was not about good government,” Schar says. “His corrupt actions benefited himself and his friends over the interests of the people.”

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closing arguments here and a very damning article about Obama has been released today by E. Pringle link at The worms are turning.

If Rezko dosn't flip, I beleive he could quite possibly be a spy.

I can't wait to hear Duffy's BS. It should be classic. It's ahrd to believe the defense argument that goes something like this "my client was driving the car but didn't pull the trigger in the drive-bye so he's not guilty?" Does that strategy actually work?

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