Four juror alternates dismissed -- including sleeper

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After sitting in trial for nearly 40 days, four jurors were told they would not be able to deliberate.
The three men and one woman were "randomly" chosen as alternates, U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve told them and today went home instead of back to the deliberation room with the 12 chosen jurors.
One of the men, who in jury selection said he worked for the Illinois Department of Transportation, looked flushed and shook his head as St. Eve said she knew they were disappointed.

One of the four dismissed was a man I've previously written about who consistently nodded off, including during closing arguments and jury instructions.

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Us folk, in the city that would be big, can't hardly wait to see the outcome of this trial. As you Chicago people might know already, our Gov hasn't much use for us down here except for the ridicule he bestows on us and the moving of state jobs to Chicago. You might also guess then that most of us down here would rather see Mr. Rezko and "all his associates", including his political pal's head off to the grey bar hotel as quickly as possible.

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