Duffy's Done

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Joseph Duffy, Tony Rezko's defense lawyer, wrapped up his closing argument by again focusing on star prosecution witness Stuart Levine.

"It is OK for the government to be lied to, fooled and conned" by Levine, Duffy said. "But if I suggest to you that Mr. Rezko was the victim of the same, I’ll be chastised.

"Unlike Mr. Rezko, they are professional law enforcement officials whose antennas are always up. They are trained to suspect deception, and he conned them — he got the better of them — and he got his deal.

"I know you’re going to honor your oath, hold that Constitution close to you, and when your service is done, you’re going to do what . . . is the right thing to do.

"And when you do that, justice is served, and that is what we are here for."

-Chris Fusco

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Duffy really earned his Kibbles and Bits.

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