Duffy: Live or Memorex, it doesn't matter

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Tony Rezko's defense lawyer, Joseph Duffy, began his closing argument around 3:30 p.m. An animated, dramatic Duffy says he's trying to appeal to jurors' "common sense" and is pinning the crimes Rezko is accused of committing on the prosecution's star witness: Stuart P. Levine.

"The government has spent 10 weeks trying to convince you Mr. Rezko is probably the governor of the state of Illinois," Duffy said. "When you go back in the jury room - this may surprise you - there isn't a single charge against [Rezko] other than Stuart Levine's criminal conduct. Now, that should surprise you.

"If [Rezko] has that much clout and that much influence, then why is he spending time with Stuart Levine," Duffy later continued. "Stuart Levine is a Republican. If [Rezko] decided 'I'm going to be corrupt,' why didn't he stick someone" else in that he knew more closely.

"All this cloak and dagger with Stuart Levine, it's ridiculous," Duffy added. "Don't let them fool you. This is too serious."

Duffy then hit the jury with an attack on the secret recordings on which the government has built its case.

"If someone is a liar and thief and a drug user and a con-man, Does it make a difference if he's live or on Memorex?"

-- By Chris Fusco and Natasha Korecki

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What matters is that an honest man could not have been able to get any where near Rezko. Rezko dosn't work well with people who are honest and upstanding. Reko is going to jail!!!!!!!

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