Blago memo: Turn over Rezko evidence

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The Bloomington Pantagraph reports that one month before Tony Rezko's trial started a note went out to senior aides in Gov. Blagojevich's administration telling them to preserve evidence tied to certain people. They include Chris Kelly, William Cellini, Robert Kjellander, David Wilhelm and Rezko, among others.
The Pantagraph quotes an office memo sent out to senior aides to Gov. Blagojevich as stating:
“If you find any documents or information relating to these individuals, you must notify the Office of the General Counsel in accordance with the directions set out below,” wrote William Quinlan, the governor’s senior legal adviser.

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Did anyone living in the vicinity of the offices notice a bonfire going up shortly after the release of this memo?

Shouldn't they have sent the doucuments to Patrick Fitzgeralds office instead?

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