A different take on Stuart Levine

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Given the extensive testimony by Stuart Levine in the Tony Rezko trial, I thought readers might be amused by this 2004 resolution passed by the Teachers' Retirement Systems Board. Levine once sat on the board -- the same board Levine himself said he used to cut millions of dollars in illicit, backroom deals. Levine resigned from the board after a visit by the FBI in the spring of 2004.
The board unwittingly gave him quite a nice send-off -- it happened before Levine was exposed as a schemer who was out to pocket bribes tied to deals he oversaw as a board member.

-- A post script: It has been pointed out that I should note: it was the board's practice to issue these resolutions every time a member left the board. Obviously, the board didn't know about Levine's crimes at the time it issued this.

AUGUST 10, 2004

On a motion by James Bruner, seconded by Phillip Schmidt, it was resolved:

WHEREAS, Stuart P. Levine served as a trustee of the Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois from September 2000 until July 2004; and

WHEREAS, Stuart distinguished himself by his grace, self-deprecating humor, reasoned opinions, and civil debate; and

WHEREAS, he is a devoted husband and father, who helped his son Bennett and daughter Kate with homework assignments and teenage challenges by phone even while attending out-of-town TRS Board meetings; and

WHEREAS, Stuart is known for his sharing of time, talent, and, treasure through philanthropic endeavors that have earned him international recognition; and

WHEREAS, Stuart demonstrated a deep and personal respect for the teaching profession, having worked as a teacher in the Chicago Public Schools while attending law school; and

WHEREAS, he was a founder of HMO America, a firm that grew to become the largest health maintenance organization in Illinois; and

WHEREAS, his service as a member of the Board and as chairman of the Rules and Personnel Committee is valued and deeply appreciated; therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Board of Trustees of the Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois that we extend our best wishes and appreciation to our friend and colleague and offer our sincere appreciation for his service as a member of this board. Given this 10th day of August 2004.

The motion passed by a unanimous voice vote.

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My favorite is him helping his kids with their homework when he was out of town. What a great dad, he should be nominated for father of the year.

Anyone think James Bruner, and Phillip Schmidt are squirming right now?

Yeah, that looks pretty stupid now doesn't it. Telling incomplete stories is pretty stupid, too. This little snark piece wouldn't have been nearly as snarky if you had mentioned that TRS used to do one of these every time a trustee left the Board. At that time, no one at TRS knew about the FBI visit, the drugs, the Purple Hotel, or the life of crime. Some had suspicions, but that's it.

Pretty funny. But you should have left the kids' names out.

Dear Ms. Korecki: Thank you for adding the postscript to this post. We all have tough jobs to do these days. I hope you were not offended by the tone of my first post. My colleagues and I have unfortunately grown pretty thin-skinned thanks to the revelations of Mr. Levine's antics, and the terrible reflection on those who had nothing to do with him.

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